I'm using a kit from Quartermaster to build this project. I opted to use the mild steel kit to save some money vs. the chrome moly kit. The picture here show I welded the midplates and endplates to the bulkhead.

This is a close up of some of my welding. This is the outer plate to the differential tube.

Here is a picture of the drain plug I welded in. I set the amperage to 85.

This is a picture of the cover welding on. I still need to weld the fill plug on.

I need a bigger table to work on projects like this. Now the differential is starting to look like a complete unit.

This a back brace for the differenial. It is not hard to weld it on, but it does warp the tubes out of alignment. See that bar at the end of the tubes. That is my refence bar to keep everything straight.

A close up of my welds. It was tough to weld because the gaps were too large.